About Us

Thanks so much for popping over to visit my website .... I never thought I would say those words!!

This ARTFUL 'journey' began a few years ago when I started a group on Facebook, funnily enough called 'The Artful Farmers Wife' aimed at crafty and creative farming ladies ..... fast forward to now and it's gained about 13,500 feral farming lady members.

I also have a very 'uninformative' blog on Facebook called ........ now this may surprise you, 'The Artful Farmers Wife Blog'!!

I basically waffle nonsense (usually after a few gins) about my feral kids, grumpy farmer, total lack of farming skills, and regularly admit that if there was a prize for being the Worlds Worst Farmers 'Mrs', I would win hands down. 

Somehow, here I am today selling sweary farm themed hoodies, and you seem to like them! 

I will forever be greatful for the support I have received from the farming ladies in my group and beyond, this very, very unplanned surprise 'side hustle' is something I am now SO proud of, and I hope when you wear or spot one of my designs out and about it makes you smile.

Thank you all!! xxxx